Before the metal smiths, before all the varied alchemical endeavors, the potter alone held the occult knowledge of the transformative power of fire. Ancient potters often played dual roles as Shaman or Wise Woman, and all elements were called upon in ceramic ritual.

Raw, formless clay is pulled from the womblike interiors of our great mother earth. Water is added as the soft mass gains its form on a wheel that mimics our rotational orbit. The freshly shaped pot is set out to air dry before it is placed into the fire where its final metamorphosis occurs.

The once formless mass arises like a phoenix from the ashes as a hardened vessel, eager to contain and pour forth everything that is vital to humanity:

Water from the river
seeds for sowing
grain for storing through the winter
ceremonial offerings
the ashes of our dead

sacred herbs
& spirits for celebration

Learn the ancient art of clay formation with wheel, coil and slab. In-depth technical information and historic reference in conjunction with shamanic & meditative guidance. 

$250 for :

5 week course / 2 hour sessions / Flexible Scheduling


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