I moved my entire life from LA to Seattle over this past summer. The move itself was a bit trying (two car loads later and I still have half a storage unit filled with boxes of books, resource materials & my beloved Juki) but in what I'm considering a universal act of benevolence, the powers that be have made the transition into life here a gentle one. I've had amazing luck in finding beautiful living and working spaces and I'm finally feeling settled. I'm now a part of a collective consisting of 6 female ceramic artists, including myself, called Pugmill Society in the Georgetown Arts district.  


" The Abstract flight takes place when we bring our double to bear on our daily lives. In other words, the moment our physical body becomes totally conscious of its energetic ethereal counterpart, we have crossed over into the abstract, a completely different realm of awareness. " -Taisha Abelar

I've spent the past few months of creative labour in the realm of the abstract and now I'm ready to share the fruits of that labour. 


and much more to come...



A few weeks back, the ladies behind Project Girl Crush came over to my place, took some photos and asked me a few questions. HERE is the interview that recently went up on their site. 

 I am touched and flattered to be included in a project that takes such an intimate and sincere look at creative women. Here's hoping they inspire more of us to look at one another from positive and supportive perspectives.